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Parking Lot Line Striping in Allentown, PA

Parking Lot & Pavement Line Painting Services in Allentown, PA

Call us to get FREE estimates on our pavement marking services!

We have the equipment and experience to complete any parking lot striping project

Linex Striping Company has been Allentown's trusted paint striping contractors since 1999. We're equipped to handle parking lots and private roads of any size. Our team will design your parking lot to maximize space utilization while allowing for smooth traffic flow. We also take care of parking and traffic signs and regulations like fire lanes, crosswalks, handicap parking. Contact us for a free pricing estimate.

Our Pavement Line Marking Services

  • Layout and striping for new construction or newly paved parking lots.

  • Restriping over existing lines and markings

  • Handicap parking 

  • Fire lanes

  • Arrows

  • Crosswalks

  • Custom lettering

  • Spaces numbered

  • Etc.

  • How long does parking lot paint last?
    On average, parking lot paint lasts several years, but many factors can affect its lifespan, such as local climate and traffic volume. Parking lot paint lasts longest with regular parking lot cleaning.
  • How long does it take for parking lot to dry?
    Typically asphalt line striping takes 20-30 minutes, but traffic should stay off the lot for at least one hour.
  • Do disabled parking spots need to be painted blue?
    Blue is the most common line color for disabled parking spots since it's recommended by ADA guidelines, but it is not necessarily required by law. We will help your parking lot comply with local codes.
  • Do disabled parking spots needs signs?
    Yes, all disabled parking spots need a sign with the "Universal Symbol of Accessibility" (the blue and white image of a person in a wheelchair) at least five feet above the ground. Your sign must follow federal rules and local municipal by-laws, such as listing fines and penalties for misusing the space. We can help your parking lot signs obtain compliance.
  • Do disabled parking spots need to be painted with the "wheelchair" symbol stencil?"
    Federal ADA rules do not require the "Universal Symbol of Accessibility" (the blue and white image of a person in a wheelchair) be stenciled on the ground, but state and municipal codes may be stricter and require the symbol be painted on the parking spot. We will ensure your parking lot complies with all ordinances.
  • How do you line stripe a parking lot?
    Line striping a parking lot is a multi-step process. The parking lot surface must first be cleaned and prepared to receive the special line striping paint, otherwise the lines will not withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic and weather exposure. A parking lot layout plan will be designed for your lot if lines are not already present. Then a crew will use a line striping machine to spray lines pattern. Once it dries, the parking lot lines should be good for several years.
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